The Austrian Society on Eating Disorders (ASED) is a scientific society located in Innsbruck encompassing the whole of Austria. It was founded in 2000 as a non profit organisation. The ASED is the first Scientific Society on Eating Disorders in German speaking countries.

The activities of the ASED are interdisciplinary, unifying all academic and clinical professions aiming at improvement of early detection, treatment, prevention and research of eating disorders as well as the development and support of health promotion regarding eating behaviour, body & self-image in order to reduce the incidence of eating disorders. The ASED is dedicated to expanding public understanding of eating disorders triggered by a social thinness-obsession and prejudices against certain body- or weight forms.

Eating Disorders 2019

The 27th International Conference
October 17-19, 2019
Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria

Weltweite Charta für Essstörungen

Congress 2018
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