Types of membership
Membership application form (doc)
Membership fees
Types of membership
Joining the ASED/ÖGES as a regular member, an extraordinary member or as a legal entity (institutions, societies).

Membership is available for all those working in any psychosocial field dealing with eating disorders (early detection, diagnosis, consultation and treatment, prevention and health promotion regarding eating behaviour, body & self-image) as well as legal entities.
Members have the right to participate in all events and to use all institutional offers of the society. Members are obliged to promote the interests of the society omitting every activity that leads to a reduced reputation or prestige loss of the society.

Banc account ASED:
Tiroler Sparkasse Bank AG
IBAN: AT21 2050 3013 0000 6085

Annual membership fees
Regular members: € 50.-
(persons working in any psychosocial field dealing with eating disorders)
Extraordinary members: € 33.-
(sufferers, relatives, students, pupils etc.)
Legal entities: € 120.-
(associations, societies, institutions etc.)
Grants and aids are welcome!
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